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Christal Reed, Director of Training Services & Lead English Instructor
Our programs are developed with your needs in mind. Twelve years of business and language training experience and a diverse business background, including nine years of corporate management and sales experience allows me to understand the needs of business people with a wide range of backgrounds. My formal training includes a degree in International Relations and a diploma in Latin American Studies from the University of Calgary, an Adult Education Diploma from St. Francis Xavier University, TESOL Certificate from Mount Royal College, and numerous business certificates. In addition, my cross-cultural experiences have included a university field school in Guatemala, teaching in both the public and private sector in Korea, and travel within Europe, Central America, Asia, and North America. My formal training and life experiences ensure that learners enjoy a client-centered and experiential facilitation style that is empowering and respectful.


Our instructors are chosen for their professionalism and unique combination of relevant international, business, and educational experience. Instructors have university degrees, teaching credentials, experience teaching adults, and other unique qualifications tailored to specific client contracts. Instructors are hired for specific client contracts to ensure that the instructor matches the client’s needs, not the other way around. More specifically, this ensures that our programs are flexible, client-centred and able to meet the specific scheduling, industry, or expansion needs of our clients. English and foreign language instructors all teach their first language, so they are able to provide valuable insight into the culture, business customs, infrastructure, and relationship dynamics of their native countries.


Japanese Language Instructor

  • B.A. Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music
  • First Class Teacher's Certificate, Tokyo Board of Education
  • Interpreter/Translator for provincial governments
  • Radio show host
  • Fluent in Japanese, French, and English
  • Canadian and Japanese teaching experience
  • Previous clients have appreciated her patience and helpfulness

Spanish Language Instructor

  • Experienced facilitator of the learning process at professional, educational and dometic levels.
  • Experienced instructor of Spanish and English
  • Translator for corporations in Ecuador and Peru
  • Friendly, customer service approach to teaching
  • B.A. of Food Processing Engineering, National University of Callao, Callao, Peru
  • M.A. of Science, University of Calgary

Portuguese Instructor

  • Diploma in Education – Portuguese & English
  • Workshops in Adult Education
  • Computer Training
  • Portuguese Instructor in Adult Education, Canada & Brazil
  • Translator/Interpreter, Canadian, Brazilian Companies
  • Administrative Assistant, Canadian, Brazilian Companies
  • Friendly & energetic; Professional & prepared

Tamil Language Instructor

  • Bhaktavatsalam Award for scoring highest marks in first and second year English courses at the Madurai Kamaraj University
  • 20 years of language teaching experience: Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit, and English
  • Results oriented, friendly, organized, and aware of the communication needs of expatriates
  • International experience: lived in India, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and for the past 6 yearsCanada

Finnish Language Instructor

  • Masters of Philosophy and Teacher’s Certificate
  • Major areas of study include Finnish language studies, Finnish literature, education, psychology, communication, journalism, and Nordic Cultural Studies.
  • Speaks Finnish, English (fluent), Swedish, and some German.
  • Taught at the University of Jyväskylä, University of Kuopio, and Alkio Institute.
  • Friendly, professional demeanor that our clients enjoy.
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